Gold Stag Insurance How to File a Claim after and accident
Experiencing a loss can be stressful, frustrating and disheartening, but having insurance coverage will help alleviate the financial burden a loss can cause. The first step in restoring your property and moving forward is to determine if your policy provides coverage for the loss. To do this you need to file a claim with the insurer. While the claims process isn’t something many eagerly look forward to, there are definitely ways you can make it
12 Tips for Keeping your fireplace safe: If you’re anything like me, you like having a crackling fire in the fireplace on a cold winter’s night. Watching the light dance on the walls, hearing the crackling and popping noise, and enjoying its warmth is one of the most charming aspects of the otherwise cold and harsh season. There’s something alluring about having a fireplace in your home. According to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbeque Association(HPBA),
The holidays are an exciting time of year for all members of the household, but especially for your four-footed friends! It can be a challenge to keep the enthusiasm to a minimum with an energized pup or stubborn kitten, and once those decorations go up and the food comes out, there’s really no telling what they’ll get their little paws into. While this season can bring joy, if you’re not careful about pet-proofing your home,
The spookiest season in Texas is here. On Halloween, an evening when millions of Americans wear costumes, run around in the dark, willingly take candy from strangers and try to scare themselves silly, well, a lot can go wrong.  Here are some not-so-spooky suggestions to keep you and your kids safe this Halloween. Halloween home safety: Don’t let young children carve pumpkins, and use candles and other decorations appropriately. On Halloween night, make sure your
Gold Stag Insurance Hay Ride Safety 101
Hayride Safety 101 There’s perhaps nothing that more embodies fall than heading down to the local pumpkin patch. You can pick out the perfect gourd for carving, purchase apple cider, wander through a corn maze and hop on a hayride. Who doesn’t enjoy riding through a farm or orchard while sitting on a bale of hay? I’ve enjoyed plenty of them. But you should also be mindful of the dangers they present. I heard the