Making Health Insurance Work for You! Planning ahead can help you save money when it comes to your health. Take full advantage of your health care plan with these helpful tips: Stay in the network. Most health plans, like HMOs and PPOs, use certain groups of doctors, hospitals and other health care professionals called provider networks. If you visit a doctor outside of your network, you may have to pay more for your care. In
Understanding Health Insurance Costs To understand your health insurance costs, you’ll first want to look at your premium, deductible, co payments and coinsurance. Knowing how these four pieces work together shows what you could pay annually for your health coverage. It can even help you keep your health insurance costs down and maximize your savings. Let’s look at each one individually along with other ways you may be able to get help paying for your
HMO. Understanding. Simplified. What is an HMO? HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. It’s a type of health plan that is designed to keep costs low and predictable. An HMO health plan may be a good choice for you because: Monthly premiums, copays and deductibles are often lower than other types of plans. You have access to certain doctors and hospitals, called your HMO provider network. This helps control how much you pay for health
If you like having the flexibility to choose the doctors, hospitals and other health care providers you use to get care, and you can afford to pay more, a PPO may be the right plan for you and your family. PPO stands for Participating Provider Option. It’s a type of health plan that lets you choose where you go for care, without a referral from a primary care physician or having to only use providers
Health Care Costs Health care costs are rising. But do you know what’s behind the increases? Do you know where your health insurance premium dollar goes? For each dollar you spend on health insurance premiums,about 90% – or 90¢ – pays for your care. The other 10% – or 10¢ – is used by the insurer, mostly to process claims, provide customer service and offer health and wellness programs. Below is a breakdown of your